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I am sure many of you have already noticed the huge loss if you have recently visited Lodge farm?


Our beautiful labrador, Hector has passed away. He had been getting progressively worse over the last few months. He was diagnosed with Horners syndrome a few years ago and we were just treating the symptoms as and when they arised. His thyroid was affected, but tablets kept him stable.  He also had arthritis and was on analgesia and joint aids, then bless him, he got senile dementia. I’m sure you often saw him the last few months sitting at the top of the drive.  The last few days he was not right, we did not know what was wrong, but he was not himself and unfortunately the vet said his lungs had fluid and he would get worse and would become uncomfortable. Knowing it was for the best, although selfishly we did not want to, we had Hector put to sleep. James and I were there to comfort him in his last few minutes. My girls had said good bye to him the night before as we suspected this would be the case.  It is never easy to say goodbye. He was such a beautiful dog, with a great character. He will be sorely missed, not only by us, but all the staff here loved him and lots and lots of customers and delivery drivers look for Hector, when they arrive. It will take a long time to forget him, if we ever do.  Hector used to come in as a boarder in the kennels, the owners were no longer able to keep him and we immediately took him in at 4 years old. How lucky we were to have him.

RIP Hector .  October 2000 –  23rd May 2013



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  1. Sandra Starmer says:

    I know it’s a bit late but have only just seen the sad news about Hector. So very very sorry. He was such a lovely friendly boy, always there to greet you. They always in your thoughts, we still miss our Max. God bless Hector

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