Pet Food Suppliers, Corby, Northants

Lodge Farm can offer a wide range of dog foods and cat foods, and can  order-in specific products for special dietary requirements. The majority of the time we are able to meet (and often beat) the prices of other local pet food suppliers.

Why not contact us with your pet food requirements? – we’ll be happy to quote our current prices and offers.

Holistic Dog Foods

Why feed a holistic diet?

Feeding a holistic diet has been shown to improve many common ailments and allergies in dogs. For example, itchy skin, stiffness, digestive upsets, bad breath or even diabetes and asthma.

Some of these conditions are more readily associated with humans and can nearly always be attributed to a poor diet – pet “junk food” containing too much sugar, procesed foodstuffs and additives.

The aim of feeding a holistic diet is to achieve a natural balance in your pet’s body internal “body chemistry” and metabolism. Diet plays a major role in this, and any imbalance can result in health problems

A holistic diet will contain raw ingredients that have been produced to organic standards. No added sugars or animal derivatives (all those unmentionable by-products from the meat industry) are allowed. The wholesome ingredients include brown rice, chicken, vegetables and meat that is fit for human consumption.

Among our best sellers are the Burns range of products. The company’s products are based on the original home-cooked dog foods formulated by Scottish veterinary surgeon, John Burns. The pet foods manufactured by Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd are amongst the highest quality on the market today.

Natural Dog Foods

“Natural” dog foods also adhere to holistic principles and don’t use artificial additives, flavourings or preservatives. Example brands include Nutro and Naturediet. These products don’t use the highest quality organic ingredients, but still offer an excellent nutritional balance for your dog.

At Lodge Farm Centre, we strongly believe in the holistic approach to pet nutrition.

Dog food brands on sale at Lodge Farm Shop, Corby, Northants

When all is said and done, of course, it’s all about finding the food that you and your pet are happy with.

We usually suggest to our customers that they try their dog or cat on a holistic diet for 2 weeks – we’re sure you will start to notice a positive effect on your dog’s overall health, including healthier skin and coat. And because holistic and natural dog foods are of such high quality, you will find that you can feed smaller quantities while still keeping your pet healthy and satisifed. Consequently, many pet owners discover that they actually save money feeding a holistic diet.

We stock the following brands of dog food:

  • Burns
  • Dr. Johns
  • James Wellbeloved
  • We can supply 90% of branded products if pre-ordered, contact us for further information

We offer very competitive prices for bulk purchases of dog foods. Before re-ordering from your regular supplier in the Corby, Kettering or Stamford area, why not contact us first to get our latest prices?

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