Dog Grooming

                             Posh Paws Pamper Parlour 

16Our unique parlour, which offers dogs a pampering haven,  has been specially designed to provide a calm, relaxing and safe retreat in which pets can be groomed, indulged and revitalised.

You can rest assured that your beloved companion will be given our undivided attention, as we do not book more than one dog in at a time. We feel that having too many dogs in the salon at once causes unnecessary stress to the dogs and is therefore avoided at all times. Our motto is ‘quality over quantity’. We also like to emphasize the fact that all dogs are fluff dried by hand. Although this may take slightly longer (and involves more work for the groomer!) we prefer this method to cage or cabinet dryers due to the risk involved with such methods.

Our parlour is open for customers to view, giving you peace of mind that all dogs are treated with the love and respect that they deserve. You are very welcome to stay,  whilst your dogs are being groomed and equally welcome to leave them in our care, we ultimately need your pet to be calm and relaxed during the grooming process.

pupWe are a modern pet spa and salon offering the very latest in ultimate design and technology.  Skye, our experienced grooming professional, will work closely with you to achieve the best results for you and your dog, she will provide you with the best dog grooming Northamptonshire has to offer, and we are confident that you and your pooch will leave loving the result.

She uses high end products to suit a variety of dogs from baby fresh cologne to hypo allergenic shampoos we cater for all hair/skin types and breeds!

Grooming Menu 


Puppy package (An introduction to grooming)


We have a special discounted price for puppies of up to 8 months of age. We strongly believe that getting your puppy used to the grooming process is extremely important as it enables your pet to feel calm and relaxed in the grooming environment for the rest of his or her life. Most dogs that become anxious during grooming do so as they were not introduced to it from puppyhood. This is why we would like to offer all puppies the opportunity to come into our salon every 4 weeks to become accustomed to grooming in a relaxed and friendly way. Visits usually last for 30-45 minutes each.

Prices start from £16 per grooming session depending on the breed of the puppy. Additionally if you book three sessions at the time of booking you get an additional 10% off.

 summerThe full  body groom package

Our top quality full groom offers a complete pampering session for your dog. This includes the removal of any dead hair, (de-matting incurs an extra charge) showering with two shampoos (tailored to each coat type) and coat conditioner if appropriate), blueberry facial, nail and in between the pad trim, an ear pluck and cleanse,  a warm hand fluff dry, custom coat styling to breed standard or personal preference and a dash of cologne.  Hand stripping incurs extra charges.




Quick Groom rotty

This can be done in between full grooms to keep your pooch looking and feeling clean. The process involves a blueberry facial, shower, blow dried and a brush out, nail trim and is finished off with a spritz of cologne.






*Please note that these prices are based on well behaved, regularly groomed dogs. ~Any dogs with behavior issues or if the coat is too dirty, we cannot offer this service due to possible matting and residue build up in the coat.

For any enquiries or bookings please contact Joan Russell on 07831336321