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Wow, introducing the newest feature of our kennels.  So many dogs are now pampered at home and are allowed to sleep on the furniture luxury kennels 009and find it difficult to be placed on a plastic bed on the floor. We also find small dogs have big attitudes and do not like being so low down.  We are trialling our newest venture.  Due to open for Easter 2016 we have modernised and made 7 of our kennels luxury status.

The floors have been tiled inside and out.  The plastic beds have been luxury kennels 008changed into faux leather sofas or tub chairs.  They have a luxury colour matched blanket, a padded foam mat for the outside run, a “window” canvas with a view, plants, colour co-ordinated food bowls and food mats.


Who could refuse this for their loved ones, so when you are booking luxury kennels 006your holiday and upgrading to the luxury suite, don’t forget to do the same for your furbaby.

A very busy summer

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Busy Busy Busy

As many of you found out the hard way, we have been extremely busy over the school holiday weeks, resulting in us turning many customers away that we could not physically fit in.

In the last couple of years,  due we think mainly to the recession, we have managed to get 99% of our customers in, even at very short notice. Fortunately, for us, it seems the results of the recession has past and many of our customers were glad to finally book holidays and book their pets in with us for their holidays.  Unfortunately for some of our customers, who were used to booking in at short notice, were disappointed at not being able to leave their pets with us as we were full.

This also happened in the May half term this year, so we cannot stress enough. PLEASE BOOK NOW FOR OCTOBER HALF TERM AND CHRISTMAS and think about your 2014 holidays.

We have turned more cattery clients away than kennels.  The cattery has proved to have been a popular venture, considering this was only small and built to compliment our kennel customers who also own a cat.  As the setting is beautiful, the chalets are large, warm and comfortable and our reputation has spread, this has taken off of its own accord and is booked months in advance. With only 16 chalets, this obviously does not take long to fill.


Seamus is a Great Dane and he stayed with us in the kennels for a couple of weeks over the summer holidays.  He is only 1 years old and by far our tallest customer. We did not feel it was fair to put him in the usual kennels as each one of them has a hatch, to enable the dog to go in and outside from their run to their kennel, and we felt he may hurt himself, having to stoop to go in and out.  The only thing we could think of was to house him in the doggie play barn, so he basically had a whole barn to himself.

He was adorable and my girls fell in love with him and brought him into our garden to play. I don’t think our chihuahua

and springer spaniel were too impressed!!
We would like to share these photos with you.

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Busy time – book early

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Book early

We are now approaching a hopefully busy summer. We are already full for a few days in August and unable to take any more bookings, so I am stressing to you all to make a booking now if you need a kennel or cattery chalet during the school holidays.

The last couple of years, although we have been full, the recession meant less bookings and we almost managed to get everyone in even though a lot of our clients booked at last minute. Things are now looking like they are returning to the way they were pre-recession??  We had a waiting list for the May half term week this year and sadly turned several customers away.  I do not want you to be disappointed, so please book now if you are going on holiday.

Our email address is info@lodgefarmcentre.co.uk

Dont delay, do it today


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I am sure many of you have already noticed the huge loss if you have recently visited Lodge farm?


Our beautiful labrador, Hector has passed away. He had been getting progressively worse over the last few months. He was diagnosed with Horners syndrome a few years ago and we were just treating the symptoms as and when they arised. His thyroid was affected, but tablets kept him stable.  He also had arthritis and was on analgesia and joint aids, then bless him, he got senile dementia. I’m sure you often saw him the last few months sitting at the top of the drive.  The last few days he was not right, we did not know what was wrong, but he was not himself and unfortunately the vet said his lungs had fluid and he would get worse and would become uncomfortable. Knowing it was for the best, although selfishly we did not want to, we had Hector put to sleep. James and I were there to comfort him in his last few minutes. My girls had said good bye to him the night before as we suspected this would be the case.  It is never easy to say goodbye. He was such a beautiful dog, with a great character. He will be sorely missed, not only by us, but all the staff here loved him and lots and lots of customers and delivery drivers look for Hector, when they arrive. It will take a long time to forget him, if we ever do.  Hector used to come in as a boarder in the kennels, the owners were no longer able to keep him and we immediately took him in at 4 years old. How lucky we were to have him.

RIP Hector .  October 2000 –  23rd May 2013



New for 2013 – Another motorhome

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Rollerteam 707, 2012 model

We have owned a Rollerteam 700 for over 4 years. We bought it for ourselves, but knew we would have to hire it out to help with the running costs that are involved in owning this.  This has gone so well, it is rarely here for us to use it.  Eventually we have plucked up the courage to purchase a second one. We loved the size of our first motorhome and the facilities, so we have brought a newer version. The layout is very similar, the one big difference is that it is now on a Fiat Chassis, which means it is under 3.5 tonnes, meaning that anyone can drive it, wheras our 2008 model was on a Ford Chassis, which meant you needed a Cat 1 class on your licence, which people who took their driving  test prior to January 1997 have automatically, but unfortunately anyone who took it after 1st January 1997 are not able to drive it.

We collect our new motorhome on Monday 11th March. Anyone who is thinking of hiring is welcome to come and view it.

January update from lodge Farm

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Christmas 2012

It was a very busy Christmas and our team of 8 dedicated staff worked Christmas am and pm ensuring that all the dogs and cats were well looked after. After our Christmas lunch all of the pets (with a few dietary exceptions) received turkey and trimmings for their evening meal. Rupert one of our cat boarders only likes raw meat, so he tucked into the turkey giblets.

Some customers brought a christmas present for their pet, so they were all opened in the morning. We would like to thank all the customers for the Christmas wishes and for any christmas presents that we received. We were very grateful to be remembered.

After the Christmas and New Year rush, things have quietened down. This is a good time of year to catch up on any renovations that need doing. The kennels were all refurbished last year, so it is time for the cattery. James started some of the cattery chalets and liked them more than the original ones, so he is now changing the interior of all the chalets. The cats are away from the area to the other side which has been completed, so they are not disrupted by any noise.

We are busy with bookings for the Easter and May holidays and the summer 6 week school closure holidays, so if you need boarding, please ensure to book nice and early to avoid disappointment. Out of school holidays, you will generally always get in, as long as your pets vaccinations are all up to date.

Thats our news for now, so it just remains for us to say


Busy summer

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Well, we are now drawing near to the end of a busy summer period.  We had a very different season this year, not only because of the weather.  I think the recession has finally made a difference and a lot of clients have taken shorter breaks, rather than a week or fortnights holiday.  So we have had a lot of daily changes with pets in and out, so lots of extra cleaning.

Thankfully we had to turn very few customers away, through being full this year, and managed to accommodate last minute requests, which is unusual for us.  I have to say the cattery has been busier this year comparing to any previous year, so Hazel has been kept on her toes!

We have some great members of staff and they work very hard and most of them have been here for many years .   It still remains very family orientated with my husband James walking.  I generally manage the bookings, telephones, customers etc.  James’ sister, Debbie works in the kennels for half of the year, and travels the rest of the time.  and a bonus this year, our daughters India and Savannah wanted to also help.  They were very keen.

Because every dog is; walked, checked, fed, and played with twice daily this is extremely time consuming, so we rely on our casual staff during the busy season, but most of them have been with us several years, firstly starting as work experience at 14 years old and 3 of them have left university and are still with us, so continuity is a bonus.

Now the children are back at school (mine included), we can all relax a little and get ready for the October half term!

Thank you to all our holiday makers who stayed with us this year, we hope you enjoyed your holiday and we hope to see you all soon.

Love Helen

What do we do on our day off from Lodge farm?

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What do we do on a day off – Take the dogs out of course!!

Helen, James, Savannah and India decided to enjoy the sunny weather on Saturday 24th March 2012.  We know we have excellent staff who will care for the boarding dogs and cats in our absence, so now we have to decide where to go?

Sunny Hunny.  Glorious Hunstanton.  I have a puppy springer spaniel called Summer, she is 9 months old and I wanted to take her to the beach before April, when dogs are banned from certain areas of the sand.  Below is the link to use which shows you the map of Hunstanton beach and which parts dogs are allowed on.


We also decided to take our old Labrador, Hector who is 11 1/2 years old. We arrived early in the morning to Old Hunstanton beach, and almost had the beach to ourselves.  The dogs loved the beach and like a typical springer, Summer was straight in the water and chasing the seagulls.  She is not trustworthy enough to let off the lead yet.  She will come back …….eventually!!  after lengthy investigations, and jumping up all passers by.  So she was on the lead at all times.  As I anticipated she was sooo excited. 

After our girls playing and the dogs running about, we walked into Hunstanton for fish and chips, then the girls had a ride in the fair, then it was the long walk back.

I have never seen either dog so tired, they slept ALL the way home and all evening.  A succesful day had by all.

Helen 26/3/12

Happy new Year to all our customers at Lodge Farm Boarding Kennels, Cattery and shop

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Happy New Year to all of our customers.

Once again, it was a very busy time for us, lots of people need their pets cared for over the christmas holidays for various reasons: their relatives may be staying and dont like animals,

they may be going away for christmas and cant take their pets with them or

they just want them out the way as there is a lot of excitement and not all dogs enjoy that.

Therefore all of our staff work every Christmas, Boxing and New Year Days.  The cats/dogs still need to be looked after, walked, fed and fussed over.  Some had presents, from their owners to open.

Most pets, that don’t have sensitive tummies, had some leftover turkey on Boxing day.

As you know it was a very mild Christmas, so the dogs didnt just lie under the heat lamps, they were in/out into the excercise area of their run all day. 

We would like to thank you all for your continued custom and would like to welcome any new customers.

As most of you are aware, Lodge farm gets very busy during the school holidays, so if you are looking for a kennels or cattery during Easter or the 6 week summer holiday, please book early to avoid disappointment.

Many thanks

Helen and co

Christmas Greetings from all at Lodge Farm boarding kennels and Cattery

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Hi Everyone

As you can tell I am very new at blogging, but am looking forward to this new way of communicating with our customers.   This has been an extremely quiet week in the kennels and cattery which has given us time to prepare for the Christmas rush. 
Yesterday a lot of the staff were huddled around my kitchen table preparing our yearly Christmas cards to send out, so many of you will be recieving them over the next few days.  This is very late for us, they are usually out the first 2 weeks of December.  The main news you will see in the card is that we at Lodge Farm are NOT increasing our charges this year.  Last year we needed to because of the VAT increase, but thankfully we have been able to hold the prices this year.

Lodge Farm Boarding kennels are still one of the few kennels that lead walks each and every dog twice daily.  I feel this is a real benefit, as I do not like dogs shut up in a small area for long periods of time, especially when this can sometimes run into weeks.  The dogs love it, and most of them dont seem to mind the cold wet weather either.  At the moment the individual heat lamps are on 24 hours of the day, so the dogs and cats seem to love lazing under them and with the insulated kennels they are lovely and cosy at night when the hatch is shut.

We still have a few spaces left for Christmas and New Year.  The dogs still get walked twice daily as all the staff know it is a 365 day a year vocation.  We also open the christmas presents if their owners leave them one.  If the dog does not have a sensitive stomach, they also get some christmas turkey too.  That goes for the cats also, of course. 

Our opening hours for the reception and Lodge Farm shop is 12pm closing Christmas Eve, Closed to the public Christmas and Boxing days, then open normal hours on the Tuesday 27th December.  New Years eve is 12pm closing, then closed New Years day, but open as usual 2nd January.

Myself, James and all of the staff wish all of our customers, prospective customers and bloggers a very happy Christmas and Best wishes for 2012.