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A very busy summer

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Busy Busy Busy

As many of you found out the hard way, we have been extremely busy over the school holiday weeks, resulting in us turning many customers away that we could not physically fit in.

In the last couple of years,  due we think mainly to the recession, we have managed to get 99% of our customers in, even at very short notice. Fortunately, for us, it seems the results of the recession has past and many of our customers were glad to finally book holidays and book their pets in with us for their holidays.  Unfortunately for some of our customers, who were used to booking in at short notice, were disappointed at not being able to leave their pets with us as we were full.

This also happened in the May half term this year, so we cannot stress enough. PLEASE BOOK NOW FOR OCTOBER HALF TERM AND CHRISTMAS and think about your 2014 holidays.

We have turned more cattery clients away than kennels.  The cattery has proved to have been a popular venture, considering this was only small and built to compliment our kennel customers who also own a cat.  As the setting is beautiful, the chalets are large, warm and comfortable and our reputation has spread, this has taken off of its own accord and is booked months in advance. With only 16 chalets, this obviously does not take long to fill.


Seamus is a Great Dane and he stayed with us in the kennels for a couple of weeks over the summer holidays.  He is only 1 years old and by far our tallest customer. We did not feel it was fair to put him in the usual kennels as each one of them has a hatch, to enable the dog to go in and outside from their run to their kennel, and we felt he may hurt himself, having to stoop to go in and out.  The only thing we could think of was to house him in the doggie play barn, so he basically had a whole barn to himself.

He was adorable and my girls fell in love with him and brought him into our garden to play. I don’t think our chihuahua

and springer spaniel were too impressed!!
We would like to share these photos with you.

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