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New for 2013 – Another motorhome

Posted on: March 5th, 2013 No Comments

Rollerteam 707, 2012 model

We have owned a Rollerteam 700 for over 4 years. We bought it for ourselves, but knew we would have to hire it out to help with the running costs that are involved in owning this.  This has gone so well, it is rarely here for us to use it.  Eventually we have plucked up the courage to purchase a second one. We loved the size of our first motorhome and the facilities, so we have brought a newer version. The layout is very similar, the one big difference is that it is now on a Fiat Chassis, which means it is under 3.5 tonnes, meaning that anyone can drive it, wheras our 2008 model was on a Ford Chassis, which meant you needed a Cat 1 class on your licence, which people who took their driving  test prior to January 1997 have automatically, but unfortunately anyone who took it after 1st January 1997 are not able to drive it.

We collect our new motorhome on Monday 11th March. Anyone who is thinking of hiring is welcome to come and view it.