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Busy summer

Posted on: September 6th, 2012 No Comments

Well, we are now drawing near to the end of a busy summer period.  We had a very different season this year, not only because of the weather.  I think the recession has finally made a difference and a lot of clients have taken shorter breaks, rather than a week or fortnights holiday.  So we have had a lot of daily changes with pets in and out, so lots of extra cleaning.

Thankfully we had to turn very few customers away, through being full this year, and managed to accommodate last minute requests, which is unusual for us.  I have to say the cattery has been busier this year comparing to any previous year, so Hazel has been kept on her toes!

We have some great members of staff and they work very hard and most of them have been here for many years .   It still remains very family orientated with my husband James walking.  I generally manage the bookings, telephones, customers etc.  James’ sister, Debbie works in the kennels for half of the year, and travels the rest of the time.  and a bonus this year, our daughters India and Savannah wanted to also help.  They were very keen.

Because every dog is; walked, checked, fed, and played with twice daily this is extremely time consuming, so we rely on our casual staff during the busy season, but most of them have been with us several years, firstly starting as work experience at 14 years old and 3 of them have left university and are still with us, so continuity is a bonus.

Now the children are back at school (mine included), we can all relax a little and get ready for the October half term!

Thank you to all our holiday makers who stayed with us this year, we hope you enjoyed your holiday and we hope to see you all soon.

Love Helen